Monday, August 2, 2021



COVID-19 is a global world disease that invaded the whole world in the late 2019, that to took mass spread early 2020 in march. The art work is proofing the reality and verdict of COVID-19 as brought upon the world which implies the troubles and damages to human resources in other word I OLUWAKAYODE ABIODUN ALABA have decided to painted depiction of COVID-19 on oil on canvas art work, SIZE: 20by24inches. In this painting above we can see the world globe the image with nose cover and crakes on the background which implies the DAMAGES the COVID has brought on the EARTH. Art works keeps memories, historical references, nature, tradition and culture this art piece worth buying for the beautification of your house, office, schools and some private sector. You can't afford to miss this wonderful art work very beautiful. the art work is to show the reality of COVID-19 in existence  in late 2019-2020.


               - Art work portray past experience 

               - Art keep memories

               - Art work is meant for beautification purposes

             ART TITLE: COVID-19


            DIMENSION: 20BY24INCHES

            VALUE: $179.99

                You can contact at my Ebart Gallery Art work site

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